Herd Dams

  • Chair Rock Ambush 2125

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    Updated: Jun 09, 2018

    Chair Rock Ambush 2125 is in the top 5% in marbling, mature weight, mature height and quality grade.  She’s in the top 2% in $Grid, and Yield Grade, top 3% in fat and in the top 10% of breed in ribeye and $Beef.  She has a positive energy efficiency EPD and is in the top 15% in residual average daily gain.   She has strong growth genetics and is in the top 15% for weaning weight and top 25% in yearling weight.  She’s tall has a feminine phenotype.  We kept one of her bull calves by GAR Sure Fire to serve as a herd sire because we like her body composition.  Her heifer this year is very friendly.

  • Chair Rock Progress 3063

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    Updated: Jun 04, 2019

    Chair Rock Progress 3063 has a 1.49 marbling EPD which puts her in the top 1% of the breed.   She has a 7.69 IMF score with the ultrasound data to back up the ranking.  Her sire GAR Progress and his dam GAR Objective 2345 are well established in the breed for marbling.  She has strong maternal and carcass qualities.  In maternal traits she ranks in the top 1% calving ease direct, and milk and in the top 2% in calving ease maternal,  top 4% in birth weight with a -1.4 EPD.  In carcass traits she ranks in the top 1% in marbling, yield grade, $Grid and the top 5% in $Weaned and in the top 20% in ribeye.  She’s very docile and will eat cattle cubes from your hand.  She’s broody and her calves are heavy muscled.