Impression 7596B Angus Bull – SOLD – Marble Falls, Texas – Burnett, Texas

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Our 2 year old registered Angus Bull Impression 7596B was purchased by a rancher located between Marble Falls and Burnett, Texas.  Impression is a son of A. I. sire EXAR Impression 1489B.  He is fertility tested has a scrotal circumference of 37 cm.  His birth weight was 80 lbs.  Impression ranks in the top 20% in $W, $G, and $QG,  and the top 25% in RE and Marb.  His phenotype is beautiful with a strong structure and jet black coat color.  AAA 18745573


Our Impression Bull (AAA 18745573) stems from Connealy Impression, an A.I. Sire well known for making replacement females with deep ribs and feminine body structure.  His maternal grand-sire is EXAR 263C, a bull well known for siring replacement females that are easy fleshing with good carcass values.