Pecan Bayou 10 XTRA

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Pecan Bayou 10 XTRA is a massive highly docile registered Angus bull with a 46 cm scrotal circumference.  He is our lead-off bull from our embryo transfer program.   He has calving ease and high $B, marbling and rib eye.  Like his father AAR Ten X 7008, he does everything well.  Pecan Bayou 10 XTRA has multi-trait carcass, maternal and low birth weight genetics. Pecan Bayou 10 XTRA’s sire is AAR Ten X 7008, the famous A.I. sire who has been a breed leader in registrations for his multi-trait excellence.  Pecan Bayou 10 XTRA is heavy muscled with high scrotal circumference and high docility.  His dam Sandpoint Proud Formera combines Connealy Onward and N Bar Emulation EXT who were A.I. Sires with excellent maternal qualities. AAA 18466173