Pecan Bayou Prophet 7010 Angus Bull – Stephenville, Texas SOLD

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Pecan Bayou Prophet 7010 was purchased by private treaty and will serve as a herd bull near Cleburne and Stephenville Texas on a large commercial cattle ranch.  He is a low birth weight Registered Angus Bull for sale by private treaty in Brown County Texas.  This bull ranks in the top 10% of the breed in 6 categories. He has $162 in $Beef and 1.01 for Marbling EPDs. He ranks in the top 10% in Yearling Weight, Maternal Weight, $ Grid, $ Quality Grade.  He should make an excellent herd sire to enhance carcass and growth genetics.  AAA 19091217



AAA 19091217

Our Registered Angus Bull Pecan Bayou Prophet 7010’s sire is our herd sire 2 Bar Prophet 4726.  Our herd sire combines the growth and marbling A.I. Sire GAR Prophet with the maternal A.I. Sire MCC Daybreak.  His dam was an embryo transplant from GAR New Design 6231.