Pecan Bayou Sure Fire – Registered Angus Herd Sire

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Pecan Bayou Sure Fire is our Registered Angus Bull Herd Sire.   This bull’s father is one of the leading A.I. sires in the Angus Breed,  GAR Sure Fire.  GAR Sure Fire leads the breed combining genetics with multi-trait breed leading  top 3 % calving ease direct, scrotal, docility, marbling.  His EPDs are 15 CED, 2.44 scrotal, 30 docility, and 1.35 marbling.  The carcass data on his calves reveals high marbling genetics which is a highly heritable trait.  It is remarkable to have such high scrotal with high docility scores.  We raised our herd bull Pecan Bayou Sure Fire.  His genetic profile is outstanding, ranking in the top 30% of the breed in multiple categories, feed efficiency, calving ease, with outstanding carcass genetics.  He is in the top 4% for marbling, top 3% for $G , top 15% for dry matter intake, for feed efficiency.  He has $171 dollars beef!  His calf crop has low birth weights, straight backs, with high growth to weaning.  Pecan Bayou Sure Fire is docile with high scrotal circumference.  We are excited to offer his sons as herd sires.  Here’s a link to his American Angus Association Registration Number AAA 18300137.