Pecan Bayou Trooper

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Pecan Bayou Trooper was selected to serve as a herd sire in Central Texas on a ranch located between Early, Texas and Zephyr, Texas.  We are happy he will remain in Brown County !  Trooper is a beautiful, low birth weight heifer bull who is smooth sided and calm.  He ranks in the the top ten percent of all Registered Angus Bulls for calving ease, with low birth weight, high weaning weight, with high scrotal and marbling EPDs.  AAA 18848927


AAA 18848927

Pecan Bayou Trooper’s sire is our herd sire KCF Bennett A355.   KCF Bennett A355 a very muscular, feed efficient heifer bull that sires low birth weight calves with excellent calving ease.  KCF Bennett A355 stems from popular A.I. Sire KCF Bennett Absolute.   Absolute produces feed-efficient calves that grow quickly.  Pecan Bayou Trooper’s mother is tall and feminine and was an embryo transplant from GAR New Design 6231 with strong EPDs for Mature Height and Weight.