Registered Angus Bull – Herd Sire – Pecan Bayou Ten XX

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Pecan Bayou Ten XX is a our herd sire that came from our embryo program.  We retained him because of his docility and straight back and tall frame.  XX sired a show heifer this year, and it is easy to see how he transmits flawless phenotype to his calf crop.  His sire is AAR Ten X, and his dam is Sandpoint Proud Formera.  We are very proud of him, for his fleshing ability and docility.  This bull gets the job done at our ranch and our customers have been pleased with his bulls and heifers in production.  His Estimated Progeny Differences or EPDs are outstanding.  He is in the top 25% of the Angus Breed in 15 different categories.  He has high scores in $Beef and feed efficiency (Residual Average Daily Gain), and $Feedlot, and $Grid, and in the in scrotal circumfrence, maternal height and maternal calving ease.  Here’s a link to his registration in the American Angus Association database,  AAA18466184.