Registered Angus Bull – Pecan Bayou Absolute 8027

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Pecan Bayou Cattle is blessed to have sold this Registered Angus Bull to a ranch between Gatesville and Killeen, Texas.   He ranks in the top 10% for marbling, top 15% in $Grid, top 25% in $EN which stands for “cow energy” which predicts production females with conversion of energy from feed.  He is in the top 35% of for claw, which is new foot score EPD.    This Angus bull is smooth-sided, and long bodied.  He is fertility tested with a birth weight of 71 lbs.  This herd sire prospect should add good carcass, docility and maternal traits to his calves.   His sire is our herd sire Absolutewhose sire is KCF Bennett Absolute, the feed efficiency, docility and carcass quality multi-trait genetics A.I. sire.  His dam is one of our favorites, Blackbird 3024 nicknamed “Mayme.”  She has some very nice bull calves for us over the years.  She is very docile and will eat cubes out of your hand.  Her sire was 44 Farms “44 King James X005” who was deep-sided and massive.  On her dam’s side is B/R New Frontier 095, who has a large frame and straight back.  Here’s a link to his AAA Registration page  AAA 19173019.