Registered Angus Bull – Pecan Bayou Commander

Updated: Jul 05, 2020

Pecan Bayou Cattle is so very happy to have sold Registered Angus Bull, Pecan Bayou Commander 9006, to a satisfied repeat customers! They run a commercial herd nearby and they were very pleased with a couple of bulls they bought from us a couple of years ago.  They said they have been so impressed with the heifers, that they will start retaining their own heifers.  We are so grateful to have received such positive feedback.  They are impressed with the emphasis on docility in our breeding program.  The bull they purchased has been a standout since birth.  He’s gorgeous, slick-haired, tight-sheathed, and very docile. Pecan Bayou Commander was fertility tested with a current scrotal circumference of 36 cm. He had a birth weight of 62 lbs.  Commander 9006 is in the top 4% in Docility. He is very docile, so this number is actually reflective of his disposition. He is also in the top 15% Calving Ease Maternal and top 20% of the breed in Dry Matter Intake and Ribeye area. He exemplifies our breeding program’s focus on feed efficiency, carcass quality, and docility. His mother is our foundation female Juanada 2046, who comes from a long line of performance cattle.  His sire, DCF Generation 4732 is one of our favorite herd sires on the ranch with abundant muscling, long bodied, smooth shoulder transition for calving ease, and a very docile personality! Pecan Bayou Commander 9006’s American Angus Association registration number is AAA19406070