Registered Angus Herd Sire – LFF Absolute

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Our Registered Angus Bull and Absolute Herd Sire was sired by popular feed efficiency A.I. sire Knoll Crest Farms Bennett Absolute.  Our herd bull is a long bodied, heavily muscled, highly docile Registered Angus Bull.  His father has been a breed favorite, and has had numerous calf registrations.  He is known for his athletic build and multi-trait performance genetics; ranking in the feed efficiency, docility, maternal traits, growth and carcass genetics.  We purchased our bull from the Luling Foundation in Luling, Texas.  His maternal grand sire GAR Ingenuity known for docility, marbling and ribeye EPDs,  who stems from the carcass genetics, maternal, and high docility sire GAR New Design 5050. Our Absolute herd sires’ caves were long-bodied and impressive looking because they were heavily muscled.  Their birth weights were in the mid-seventy pound range, and their growth was steady and rapid as they approached yearling weights.  We are very proud of the phenotype of his calf crop and will be retaining his daughters in our registered herd because of their length of body.  Our Absolute herd sire has top 4% marbling, top 5% quality grade, top 5% $Grid, and ranks in the top 25% for low birth weight, top 30% in calving ease direct and weaning weight and top 35% $Beef and docility.  Here’s a link to his American Angus Association Registration AAA18195992.