Upshot 7481B Angus Bull – SOLD Early, Texas

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

We sold our Angus Bull EXAR Upshot 7481B to a commercial cattle rancher in Early, Texas.   Upshot is solid Registered Angus Bull A.I. sired by EXAR Upshot 0562B.  Upshot is a two year old registered Angus Bull for sale by private treaty.  His birth weight was 80 lbs.  He’s fertility tested and range ready.  He ranks in the top 25%$G and the top 20% for $QG and $EN which will produce feed efficient progeny.  Upshot comes from a strong maternal line including Sitz Henrietta Pride 81M and Connealy Onward.  AAA 18743157


AAA 18743157  Our Upshot Bull was sired by EXAR Upshot 7481B, a popular A.I. Sire to add easy fleshing ability and add weight to his calves.  He is a heavy muscled 2 year old Registered Angus Bull for sale in Texas.  He is fertility tested with a birth weight was 80 lbs.