About Us

Who we are - a Texas Cattle Company

Pecan Bayou Cattle is a Texas cattle company located in Central Texas.  We sell black Angus cattle in Texas.  We are a family-owned Angus cattle ranch, and our family has a long history of being Texas cattle ranchers.  We breed Angus cattle that are fertile, gentle, easy fleshing cattle that thrive on grass.

Texas Farmhouse with Sign

We are a family of native Texans, going back 6 and 7 generations.  Parts of our family settled in West, East, and South Texas back in the mid-1800s.  Texas became a state in 1836.  By the 1950s our family settled in Brown and Coleman Counties in Central Texas.

Texas shaped Texas Flag

Family stories have been passed down about living in the wild-west frontier times, and the Great Depression in Texas. Back in those “olden days” many Texas families came here with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  We rented land to farm, to feed the family and make a living.  Women, men and children all worked with chores around the farm to care for the crops and animals. Along with these family stories, our family inherited Texas-sized values of hard work, honesty, and self-reliance.

Working Angus Cattle in Squeeze Chute

We bring a common sense, humble, and resourceful approach to cattle ranching.  The modern age has brought many advancements, but the fundamentals are still the same.  We are very grateful to be a ranching family in Texas.  It is a Texas tradition that lives on through us.  We are very proud to be a family of Texas cattle ranchers.

Texas rancher petting angus calf

Our Cattle Program - Black Angus

We sell our registered angus cattle all across Texas and beyond.

Cattle Sign Angus for sale near me in Texas

All of our Angus cattle are genetically tested free from defects, with their blood lines confirmed with the American Angus Association.

Angus Bull in front of red barn

As a cattle breeder, we’ve invested in the greatest blood lines from the best bulls and cows in Angus history.  We use “tried and true” classic Angus studs.  We use eye-appeal, function, and body quality as our standard for breeding selections.

Bulls are developed on pasture, hay, cattle cubes, liquid feed, with a mineral and salt supplementation. We do not creep feed our calves; but let them mature naturally.

Angus Bull standing in grass
Bulls are semen tested by a breeding soundness examination conducted by our veterinarian prior to sale and guaranteed fertile for the first breeding season after sale.

Angus cow calf pair
We sell a limited number of heifers and mature cows each year which we can sell confirmed bred based on pasture exposure or artificial insemination.

Our cow herd consists of beautiful daughters of top donor cows, sired by Angus studs.  We value strong maternal qualities.  To qualify for a place in our herd, our herd bulls must sire great replacement heifers and stocky calves and our cows must breed back on time every year.  The cattle must be calm and hold good flesh. We breed cattle designed to make our customers happy.

We have invested in genetics with an extensive embryo transfer and artificial insemination program to emphasize highly docile, nice looking, gentle cattle that can maintain good flesh in tough Texas weather.

Angus Bull in Texas

Vaccinations and boosters are performed on calves, and annually on the entire herd.  Our cattle are raised on pastures and expected to thrive on grass.

Pecan Bayou Angus Bull

We have raised Angus cattle for years, selling calves at the sale barn.  We know our customers want trouble-free cattle, that put-on weight from birth to weaning. They want great cattle for reasonable prices.

At Pecan Bayou Cattle, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service.  We enjoy keeping in contact with our customers.  Our Cattle Program is here to serve our customers.

What We Do – Raise Angus Cattle and Love it!

Why raise Angus cattle?

Angus cow with calf

Well, after trying other breeds, we found that Angus work best in this environment.

Angus cow and calf in snow with Polaris Ranger

It’s cold in the winters, hot in the summers, and normally dry except in the fall and spring.

Angus cow with heifer calf in green grass

Angus cattle are adaptable and hold their body condition well in low input conditions.

Angus Cows

Angus are tamer than many other breeds.  Many of our cows and calves will eat from our hands.

Angus hand feeding

We sell Angus cattle because we love interacting with our customers.  We even had a South Texas couple land their helicopter in the field by our house!

Helicopter at Ranch

We hosted an A.I. Class at our cattle facility and invited some of our customers.  Our customers send us texts with pictures of their calves.  We get to meet some truly great people!  We have had customers from all across Texas and also Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona and even the Dominican Republic.

We really enjoy the lifestyle.  Even though it is hard work and lots of responsibility, we love living at the ranch and raising good cattle.

Angus bull near Lake Brownwood Texas

We are a Texas family on a Texas Ranch raising Texas Angus…because we love it.  It is a dream come true and a way of life we want to preserve.

Angus Bulls for Sale in Texas

How we ranch - with help all around!

The best helpers are our cattle dogs. We have a Roo, the Texas Blue Lacy.

Texas Blue Lacy - "Roo" Pecan Bayou Cattle Dog

Blue Lacys are all-around Texas ranch dogs.  The Lacy Brothers bred them near Austin, Texas to herd cattle and wild hogs.  They come in three colors, gray (called blue), tan, and tri-colored.  Roo loves to be with the cattle.

Texas Blue Lacy with Angus Bulls

Roo the Blue Lacy also likes to play on the hay bales!  When it gets too cold, she likes to wear her Ruffwear puffer coat!

Texas Blue Lacy

Jake the German Shepard is our oldest ranch dog.  He is very good at herding the cattle.

German Sheperd in Brownwood, Texas

Jake is very loyal and a great herding dog.  We often walk the cattle down the road to other pastures.  He walks behind the cows and puts easy pressure to keep them moving along.

We have a young shepherd in training, Ripp the Dutch Shephard.  A Dutch Shepherd is similar to a German Shepherd but has a brindled or striped coat.

Dutch Shepherd

We also have a bird dog, Vizsla Maggie Mae who helps with the cattle too.

Blue Lacy and Vizsla in Polaris Ranger

People ask us…”do you have horses?” We don’t after the ranch hand’s cutting horse kicked and broke a bull’s leg. We have iron horses…Polaris Rangers. We’ve found these are the best UTVs based on durability.

Polaris Ranger with Trip Hopper for Cattle Cubes

We feed our cows cattle cubes which are sweet treat snack pellets that we use to train cows to come when we call them. This makes it easy to move them from one pasture to another.

Hauling Hay in Texas with Ram Truck

We have cattle trailers and other regular trailers for hauling materials.  We bale hay we haul it out of our pastures to one of our two hay barns.

Hay barn in Brown County, Texas

This is the hay barn near the river where we have the irrigated coastal fields.  We have custom welded gates that open to each section of the barn.  We wean our calves at this barn yard location.

Hay Barn at Pecan Bayou Cattle

Here’s the main hay barn that we close off with cattle panels during the winter so the cows can get out of icy weather.

In ranching you have to be a jack of all trades, welder, vet, fence builder, etc. We built our own mineral huts, cube trays, and cattle hay ring dispenser. We have mineral lick tubs for liquid feed in the winter. During the rest of the year, we feed a mineral supplement lick tub.

We handle most of our labor on the ranch on our own.  However, we have a few ranch hands that help out on a part time basis.  We are truly grateful to be able to live at the ranch and take care of the cattle.

Where we are - Our Texas Ranch Land

Our cattle ranch is in Central Texas.  We are “deep in the heart of Texas” – 40 miles from the geographic center of Texas, in Brown County.

Pecan Bayou River Brownwood, Texas

In 1992, we bought acreage along the Pecan Bayou River, due north of Lake Brownwood, near Old Byrds Store, Texas.  Along the banks of the river are huge 30 – 50 foot tall pecan trees.

Angus Cows on Pecan Bayou River North of Lake Brownwood Texas
Angus Cows along the Pecan Bayou River in Texas

This area in Brown County, Texas is the northernmost peak of the Texas Hill Country.  The terrain has some elevation variation, with rolling hills, oak trees and grassland pastures.  Along with leased property, we run cattle on approximately 2900 of mostly adjoining tracts of land.  Our homes are on the ranches, so we are blessed to live the ranch life fulltime.

River House at Pecan Bayou Ranch

Ranch improvements are a constant pastime.  We installed hog-wire net fencing on the borders and interior cross fencing to help with rotational grazing for cattle.

WW B-Dahl Grass in Texas

We make our own gates and install our own cross-fences.  We do this with Caterpillar Skid Steers, which are very handy for many ranch chores.

Caterpillar Skid Steer

With heavy equipment we clear large areas overgrown with mesquite trees and catcus, and plant a mixture of permanent grasses to promote biodiversity.

We’ve also learned that John Deere tractors and hay balers are the best because you can get them repaired locally.

John Deere Tractor

We have very old John Deere plows and planters that we bought used.

We added ponds or “stock tanks” in strategic locations to conserve rainwater runoff and to prevent soil erosion.

We have some fruit trees, with the most successful being peaches and pecan trees which grow in the climate in this part of Texas.

Trees at Ranch in Texas

Wildlife is abundant on the ranch.  Wild hogs root up pastureland and packs of wild coyotes howl at dusk.

Wild Hog in Texas

We see bobcats and foxes on the game cameras from time to time.  Whitetail deer are plentiful in this area of Texas.

Native Texas Bobcat near feeder

Turkeys in sets of 20 or more are common on the ranch. Dove and a few quail come in the early fall.  We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful, abundant place.  Texas cattle ranching is our passion.  Our family truly loves the cows and living the dream, life at the ranch.