About Us

Who we are

Pecan Bayou Cattle sells Registered Black Angus Bulls and Cows based in Central Texas. We breed gentle, fertile, and easy fleshing angus cattle to perform well on grass with minimal supplementation.  Our main ranch is on the Pecan Bayou near Brownwood, Texas.  We breed cattle using classic bloodlines and proven Angus bulls that have stood the test of time.  We have high quality daughters of great Angus donor cattle.  We sell direct to the customer year-round.  Our family has been in the commercial cattle business for over thirty years; and we understand what our commercial customers look for when selecting an Angus bull. The ranch consists of over 2900 acres and cattle graze in multiple pastures on rotational grazing. We have high-quality, low birth weight registered Angus herd sires. Our herd sires are sons of OCC Paxton, OCC Alpha, SAV Renown, KCF Bennet the Rock, Syd Gen Enhance, Ten X, Prophet, Surefire, Absolute, Stetson, and Generation.

Our Cattle Program

We sell our registered angus cattle all across Texas and beyond.  All of our cattle are genetically tested free from defects, with their parentage confirmed with the American Angus Association.  Vaccinations and boosters are performed on calves, and annually on the entire herd. We can arrange delivery of bulls for intrastate transport, with a trichinosis test.  For international bulk purchases we can perform requisite blood test prior to transport at the buyer’s expense.  Bulls are developed on pasture, hay, cattle cubes, liquid feed, with a mineral and salt supplementation.  We do not creep feed our calves; but let them mature naturally.  Bulls are semen tested by a breeding soundness examination conducted by our veterinarian prior to sale and guaranteed fertile for the first breeding season after sale.  We sell a limited number of heifers and mature cows each year which we can sell confirmed bred based on pasture exposure or artificial insemination.

We pride ourselves on good customer service and enjoy keeping in contact with our repeat customers.  We have invested in genetics with an extensive embryo transfer and artificial insemination program to emphasize highly docile, nice looking, gentle cattle that can maintain good flesh in tough Texas weather.

Registered Black Angus Bulls and Females & Purebred Black Angus Commercial Cattle

  • Moderate frame
  • Feed Efficient
  • Calving Ease
  • Low birth weight Herd Sires
  • Strong maternal bloodlines
  • High docility genetics. No tolerance for wild cattle – they are culled immediately.
  • Cake trained, come when you call them up, exposed to dogs and people handled frequently.
  • Range ready over 2,900 acres to roam
  • Carcass quality – high marbling and large ribeye area
  • Strong birth to weaning spread
  • Investment in quality herd-sires
  • Black Angus replacement heifers – trouble free, excellent longevity, docile.

Angus Bloodlines

OCC Paxton, SAV Renown, Sinclair Emulation XXP, SAV President, Pinebank 41/97, Bubs Southern Charm, OCC Best Yet, OCC Big Time, OCC Juneau, OCC Rear End, Leachman Right Time, Shoshone Prudence 6157, OCC Great Plains, Coleman Donna 714, Sitz Henrietta Pride 643T, Sandpoint Blackbird 8809, KCF Bennet Absolute, DDA Emblazon 27C, Quaker Hill Rampage, KCF Bennett the Rock, OCC Alpha, MH Titan, OCC Broadside, SAV Sensation, AAR Ten X, VAR Generation, Bar R Jet Black, SAV Raindance, GAR Sure Fire, GAR Prophet.

Ranch Land

  • Ranch Land on Pecan Bayou, North of Lake Brownwood
  • Centrally located for easy access to the ranch
  • Variety of soil types, sandy loam, clay, etc,
  • Seasonal fields of Sorghum, Wheat, WW-B-Dahl, Coastal Bermuda, Klein, Love, Bluestem.
  • Rotational grazing for optimal efficiency, requiring cattle to work for their dinner, have strong feet and calve without assistance.
  • Multiple stock tanks and pastures for herd sire rotation and weaning.