Angus Cows

At Pecan Bayou Cattle, we believe having great cows is the key to everything we do as an Angus breeder.  Our embryo transfer program has allowed us to assemble a great team of young, highly maternal performance cows whose dams were the very best at top programs.  We selected cattle from some of the best breeders in Angus History.

Donna 005

Angus Cow Donna 005

Donna 3125

Angus Cow Donna 3125

Donna 3125 is a gorgeous Angus donor sired by the great cow maker, Leachman Right Time.  We have a heifer and bull from this mating in production, Pecan Bayou Donna 1066 and Pecan Bayou Renown 1053.  Donna 3125 is a direct daughter of Donna 714, the matriarch of Coleman Angus in Montana.  We were fortunate to purchase embryos from this mating in one of their embryo sales. SAV Renown stems from the great Rito 707, and is a Rito 075 son, mated to the herd bull producer, SAV Blackcap May 4136Leachman Right Time was a 2600 lb. bull with a 52 cm scrotal measurement that creates exceptional cows.  We believe the body type and maternal traits from these bloodlines will help us carry on the tradition of creating great cows.

Abigale 0277

Abigale 0277 Angus Cow

Abigale 0277 is a Coleman Angus embryo donor and daughter of OCC Paxton and full sister to Coleman Charlo, a massive, easy fleshing calving ease bull.  Abigale has tremendous length of body and a broody spring of rib. We have a daughter and two sons from Abigale, bred to the great maternal sire OCC Juneau 807j (Pecan Bayou Abigale 1017 and Pecan Bayou Juneau 1041 and 1042).  Juneau is very well respected and known for creating easy fleshing Angus cows, with excellent dispositions.

Everelda Entense 3318

Angus Cow Everleda Entense

Everelda Entense 3318 is an Angus embryo donor and daughter of Coleman Charlo.  We have a heifer sired by SAV Supercharger, Pecan Bayou Everelda Entense 1018. The Everelda Entense cow line stems back to Sitz Angus Ranch; and is known for exceptional females.  SAV Supercharger is a handsome, long bodied bull, known for producing feminine cows and masculine bulls.  He is a SAV Recharge son, known for adding thickness and muscle expression.  SAV Supercharger combines SAV Blackcap May 4136 and SAV Madam Pride 0075, two great donor cows known for creating herd bulls.

Everelda Entense 083

Angus Cow Everelda Entense

Everelda Entense 083 was a donor in the historic Black Grove Angus herd.  She was sired by the famous Dale Davis bull DHD Traveler, the easy-fleshing king.  Her dam was BT Everelda Entense 814L, pictured here.  Her granddam is the prolific donor Sitz Everela Entense 1905, one of the most famous Angus donor dams in Angus History.  We are thrilled to have two cows to carry on this donor line into the fourth generation.  They are Pecan Bayou Everelda Entense 113 and a baby heifer; sired by Coleman Bravo.  Bravo creates great cows because his dam is the great Donna 714.  Bravo is larger framed than his sire Charlo.  Bravo combines excellent genetics for good looks and strong maternal traits.

Francis 720

Angus Cow Frances 720

Frances 720 is an incredible Angus embryo donor cow from an excellent breeding program by Monte Howery.  Frances’s cow line goes back a cow that Monte purchased from legendary breeder Larry Leonhardt at Shoshone Angus.  Her name was Shoshone Frances 6357.  Monte eventually combined the best bulls of OCC genetics, Great Plains, Homer and Anchor, with the Frances cow line.  Frances has the Bonsma look, with a feminine neck and shoulder, broody middle, with a wide hip.  MH Titan is the male version of Frances 720 with the Melissa 545 with the Wye cow line as its base.  We are a huge fan of Titan and 720, they are 7/8 full siblings.

We have several calves from Frances 720.  A daughter and son sired by Sinclair Emulation XXP and a daughter sired by Cole Creek Full Bore.  Frances 018 was an incredible daughter of mating (Francis 720 x MH Titan) and she was incredibly fertile.  We have a daughter and two sons bred to Pinebank Waigroup 41 / 97.  We hope to continue what Monte started, breeding functional performance cattle that flesh out on grass and thrive in low input conditions.

Shoshone Barbara

Shoshone Beauigan Dam

Shoshone Barbara is an Angus cow line started by Larry Leonhardt to lock in maternal function.  One of the bulls he linebred to do this was Shoshone Beauigan, a son of Shoshone Viking born in 1976.  Beauigan’s dam is pictured here.  We have a daughter of Beauigan whose mother was a donor in Monte Howery’s program, MH Mina, sired by OCC Broadside.  Broadside was known for producing thick, easy-fleshing offspring with spring of rib.  His bulls are very masculine, and heifers are feminine.


Octoraro Delia

Octoraro Delia 503 and her daughter 860 were great foundation donors in Sam Wylie’s herd.  Delia 860 was sired by the great female sire PBC Rito F0203, whose sire was Rito 707.  We have three full siblings to Delia 860, Pecan Bayou Delia 108 and 152 and Pecan Bayou Rito Fo203.  When we spoke with Sam he explained the need to ensure that the bulls are wide shouldered and the cows are wide-hipped and thin necked, to ensure that the Jan Bonsma traits are reproduced in the cattle.  These are visual traits that reveal correct hormonal balance to promote high fertility.  Jan Bonsma wrote a book called “Man Must Measure” that is widely recognized as a great cattle breeding book. We were fortunate to obtain a rare copy of this book written in 1983.