Angus Sires

At Pecan Bayou Cattle we offer Angus bulls for sale in Texas.  So, we decided to use black Angus bulls that add easy fleshing, docility, and high fertility to their calves.  We found that Angus bulls with classic bloodlines have the best ability to flesh out on grass.  We require our bulls to sire masculine bulls and feminine females, to keep the fertility in balance.  That’s why we like to wait and see how a bull’s offspring actually perform before we incorporate him into our breeding program.  As a result, we believe we have some diverse “greatest hits” that provide a mixture of bloodlines and traits that we can combine to serve the needs of our customers.  Below are the bull studs that we are currently using in our program.

SAV Renown

Angus Bull


SAV Renown has great body structure and foot quality.  Renown sires exceptional bulls and females that have low birth weight, docility, and true breed character.  Renown sold for $175,000 and has served as a stud selling thousands of straws of semen.  Renown’s dam is the herd sire maker, SAV Blackcap May 4136 who is one of the most influential dams in Angus History based on her record-breaking progeny sales.  Her sons include SAV President, SAV Sensation and many others.  Blackcap May’s sire is a very long-bodied bull SAV 8180 Traveler 004, Often a bull’s maternal grandsire contributes greatly to his conformation and body quality.  Renown’s sire stems from breed legend RR Rito 707.  SAV Renown’s birthweight was 82 lbs, and his mature weight is 2140, with a scrotal circumference of 42 cm.  Renown’s full brother SAV Resource is also well known for being an excellent sire for performance females.

Sinclair Emulation XXP

Gentle Angus Bull

Sinclair Emulation XXP is a docile, athletic, linebred son of the greatest female maker in Angus history, N Bar Emulation EXT.  The Emulation or Emulous line of cattle is known for great marbling and high fertility.  We are impressed with his daughters and sons.  Emulation XXP has great length of body and some height to him.  His father EXT 2400 pounds and his dam was a broody nice-looking cow, N Bar Primrose Y3051, who was the mother of many herdsires:  5522 XP, Grassmaster, and Executive.  We believe XXP’s prepotency will convey his traits to his offspring.  Our customers value gentle, docile, quiet bulls.  Easy-going bulls are very important to us at Pecan Bayou Cattle.  XXP is known for producing docile offspring.  The Emulation bloodlines mix very well with QAS Traveler or OCC genetics to combine fertility with easy fleshing.   As a result, we plan to use XXP on our OCC females to combine those bloodlines with our Rito and Wye crosses.

OCC Paxton

OCC Paxton

OCC Paxton is an easy-fleshing, thick, long-bodied, bull with high scrotal circumference.  His calves are light and grow fast, gaining on grass.  He combines OCC Focus, a son of the great Argentinian sire Basin Rainmaker 654X and OCC Great Plains.  His daughters are broody, and his sons are masculine.  We use him to boost thickness and fertility in our herd.

Pinebank Waigroup 41 97

Pinebank Angus Bull

Pinebank Waigroup 41 97 was born in 1997 in New Zeland and is the product of years of breeding for easy fleshing and excellent feet and leg structure.  Pinebank Waigroup 41 /97 is incredibly compact, massive, thick and muscular.  He has an exceptional disposition. Pinebank Waigroup 41 /97 has sired cattle worldwide and has been a well-known sire of easy-fleshing grassland cattle for many years. His average weight during his lifetime was 2600 pounds with a 46-centimeter scrotal circumference.  His progeny mix very well with the OCC and Traveler based genetics here in the U.S. to make easy fleshing, docile and fertile bulls and females.   We believe his prepotency and outcross genetics combine the traits that are important to our customers.

MH Titan

Muscular Angus Bull

MH Titan has superior muscling, great feet and legs, high libido, high fertility, and a quiet disposition.  He’s the epitome of what we want our bulls to be.  Titan is the product of many years of breeding selections by Monte Howery of South Dakota.  In Titan, Monte created the perfect blend is a bull that represents in our view the perfect blend of Ohlde Bulls, Great Plains, Homer, and Anchor, backed by the great grassland Melisa cow line from Diamond D Angus that produced DDA Emblazon 27C.  Great Plains has great marbling, and fertile females.  Homer produces easy fleshing, efficient, fertile females, and Anchor produces very easy fleshing cattle well.

MH Titan is currently owned by Edie Creek Angus in Canada.  We have a few straws of semen, and his full brother, Pecan Bayou MH Titan, a yearling that we plan to use heavily in our program for many years to come.

SydGen CC&7

Calm Angus Bull

SydGen CC&7 was one of the most-gentle bulls in Angus history.  He passes his calm nature down two and three generations into his progeny – and it was referred to as the “CC&7 effect.”   He was super fertile, known for siring fertile females and eye-appealing bulls.  CC&7 was dark black, and slick haired.  He was tall with a muscular build.  His sons have tons of muscle and length of body.  CC&7’s good looks came from having seven donor or donor daughters in his lineage.  We acquired a stash of rare semen bank in our tank to use him to add the docility and fertility to our herd for the foreseeable future.

Horse Butte 30

Fertile Angus Bull

Horse Butte 30 is a bull that we added to our bull battery after speaking with Sam Wylie.  Sam is a well-known historic breeder of classic and grass land angus cattle.  Sam’s herd was known as Octoraro Angus.  Horse Butte 30 is a Shoshone Encore son bred to one of Sam Wylie’s cows.  Horse Butte Angus has many bloodlines from Shoshone Angus, cattle bred by the great Angus breeder Larry Leonhardt.   Horse Butte 30 has an athletic build and was a great breeder with high libido, which is a common trait with Shoshone bulls.   We were pleased to obtain some semen on this bull to add high libido, fertility and strong confirmation to complement our other bloodlines.

PS Power Play

Classic Angus Bull

PS Power Play was one of the great Angus A.I. sires of the past.  We selected him for his Emulation bloodline, high fertility, marbling, and excellent phenotype.  He was a long, tall bull and larger frame size for some of our customers who want larger bulls for their herds.  Penn State Power Play was born in the late 1970s and became wildly popular as an A.I. Stud.  Power Play is only one of eleven bulls in the breed tested to be recessive trait free, and thus safe to line breed.  Last December, we used a straw of semen 39 years after it was collected, and it took. We have PS Power Play son who will be a yearling in Fall of 2023.

Hoff Limited Edition SC 394

Beef Bull Angus

Hoff Limited Edition SC 394 is an incredible bull with $1.5 million in semen sales worldwide.  He’s an awesome bull for any bred ever, based on his body quality.  His breeder was Doug Hoff, who used Scotch Cap Genetics to put power and performance into the Angus Breed.  Limited Edition was well known for siring structurally correct bulls who were powerful standouts, and excellent females.  His genetic profile and outcross genetics passes to his calves.  We’ve talked his owner Jeff Liston at Turtle Rock Angus, and his breeder, Doug Hoff.  Jeff says he’s easy-going, and long bodied so that his calves have length of body but without calving problems and that his genetic profile and outcross genetics passes to his calves based on his GeneStar profile.  Doug Hoff said he’s muscular, and his calves excel in muscle, growth, soundness and fleshing ability and his daughters have beautiful udders and are the first to shed off in the spring.  One of Limited Editions daughters sold for $100,000.  His daughters have great pelvic shape and structure for easy calving.

Shoshone Bob 2712

Shoshone Bob Angus Bull

Shoshone Bob 2712 is a linebred bull created by Larry Leonhardt of Shoshone Angus in Wyoming.  Larry has been admired by many breeders for his knowledge and wisdom.  Shosone Bob was featured in the Angus Journal in 1984, and was very strong maternal bull with high libido.  His sire was Shoshone Beauigan Jecca, and grandsire was the great Shoshone Viking GD60.  Bob later sired Shoshone Encore, father of Horse Butte 30.   We talked with owner Gary Funk, who advised Bob was a moderate-framed bull, around 2000 lbs.  We plan to use Shoshone Bob to add some Shoshone and Wye influence to our Rito, OCC, and Emulation daughters.