Breeding Philosophy

At Pecan Bayou Cattle, we believe in breeding cattle designed to thrive in real-world conditions.  This means that they must hold their body condition on grassland low input environments, breed back early, and have calm dispositions.

Beyond this the cows must have strong maternal instincts, and the bulls must have high libido.  They must have good feet and legs, and slick off early in the summer, to beat the heat.  We want them to have longevity and great eye-appeal.

These cattle are pasture raised.  They are given cubes, mineral supplements, and salt.  We don’t fatten bulls up to sell them, because we don’t want them to fall apart or have difficulty when our customers turn them out.

We raise our cattle with our customer in mind.  We sell year-round directly to the customer.  We have sourced the best genetics often from the past, to be a breeder that produces cattle that will work for our customers.  We know they want problem free, fertile, gentle, nice looking cattle that hold-up on pasture grass and hay.  We stand behind our product and have a personal and professional interaction with our customers who we value and enjoy immensely.

Bell Rule Big Block

Easy Fleshing Sire

Bell Rule Big Block is a mature sire we added to our bull pen because in incorporates low input breeding of the Manzano Angus program in New Mexico.  He’s a linebred OCC Paxton son, and thus he passes down predictable traits to his calves including thickness, calving ease, and high scrotal size.  We have been very pleased with his bull and heifer calves.  They mature early and are heavy, thick, wide calves.

Pecan Bayou President

Muscular Angus Bull

Pecan Bayou President is a muscular bull that is a product of our breeding program, combining SAV President with a Coleman Angus Donor Cow sired by OCC Great Plains.  He’s two years old and we are expecting bull and heifer calves this spring.

Pecan Bayou's Shoshone Heir Apparent

Shoshone Heir Apparent 6157

Pecan Bayou’s Shoshone Heir Apparent is an up-and-coming herd sire.  His dam is widely regarding as one of the best females in Angus history, Shoshone Prudence 6157.  Heir Apparent’s sire is the easy-fleshing Occ Emblazon son DDA Emblazon who has record sales to many countries from the Diamond D Angus Program.  Heir Apparent will reach breeding age in the Spring of 2023 and we plan to collect him for use in our herd.