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How to find Black Angus Cattle in Texas

Angus Cattle are for sale online

  • Are you tired of searching the internet for the following terms in hopes of finding a Texas cattle ranch that will sell cattle to you when you need them?
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  • You could narrow your internet search by selecting a breed, like Angus.  Why should you buy Angus cattle?  Angus sells well.  Angus crosses well with other breeds.  (Herford, Brahma, Simental, and Senepol).  Try using:
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  •  If you are in Texas, Pecan Bayou Cattle can serve your needs.  Check out our pages: For Sale, About Us, Breeding Philosophy, Angus Sires, Angus Cows.   However, you could locate a Texas Angus Breeder with these terms:
    • Angus Texas – Angus Bulls for Sale in Texas
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Most Texas cattle ranches sell their registered cattle in an annual cattle auction. This means you must wait until the auction and bid against other buyers for the bull you are interested in and there is no guarantee of the price.  It is hard to find a Texas Angus Ranch that will sell cattle directly or by “private treaty” which just means selling directly to the customer for a set price.  There are a few, so searching the words “private treaty” may help you in your internet search.

How to find a Texas Cattle Company

Cattle Company Texas

Are you looking for a Texas Cattle Co that will sell you some cattle?   Are you wondering where to buy a cow or where to buy a bull – well we have some answers for you.  Most cattle sales in Texas are done via an auction with competitive bidding.

At Pecan Bayou Cattle, we have cattle for sale online (visit our For Sale page).  However, most cattle companies in Texas do not post their cattle on their website.  We offer our cattle for sale by owner, so we know these cattle because we have raised them.  For a Cattle Company Texas or Angus Cattle Company – we are customer friendly.

We believe that cattle sales in Texas are moving to direct sales vs. auctions because of customer expectations.  If you are looking to buy cows or for cows to buy in Texas, it is difficult to find a cattle breeder that sells directly to customers.  We sell Angus directly to Texas customers year-round.

If you want information to understand what type of Texas Angus cattle ranching operation we run or the quality of Angus cattle you can expect from our cattle program, visit our About Us, Breeding Philosophy, Angus Sires or Angus Cows pages.  Please call or text at 325.998.1850 or visit our Contact Us page.

Texas Angus - Statewide Delivery

Pecan Bayou Cattle is centrally located in Texas.  Our ranch is in Brownwood, Texas.  We sell Angus cattle to customers located across Texas, for example we sell angus to ranches in Abilene, Coleman, San Angelo, Stephenville, Comanche, Weatherford, Early, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Waco, and Brenham.  We sell our Angus bulls and cows North Texas, South Texas, West Texas, and East Texas as well as across nearby states.  We can arrange for delivery.

To find out about Texas Angus cattle ranch see our About Us page.  For our cattle practices, see our Breeding Philosophy page.  To get an idea of the quality of our cattle; see our Angus Sires and Angus Cows pages.

Contact Us

Got questions?  Call or text 325.998.1850 or feel free to reach out on our Contact Us page.
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