Registered Angus Bull – Pecan Bayou Absolute 8003

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

We sold this registered Angus bull to a repeat customer in Lubbock, Texas.   Pecan Bayou Absolute 8003 is a wide-topped, long-bodied herd sire prospect who should sire broody females and bulls born with a low birth weight and high growth.   He’s been fertility tested with a scrotal circumference of 39 cm.  His dam is deep-ribbed with strong maternal qualities.  She stems from popular A. I. sire AAR Ten X.  Pecan Bayou Absolute 8003 was sired by our Registered Angus Bull Absolute, who was sired by feed efficiency, carcass and docility breed leader KCF Bennett Absolute. Our sire is long bodied and heavy muscled and his calves share these traits.  Pecan Bayou Absolute 8003 should add dimension and weight to his calves and sire broody replacement females.  Here’s a link to his American Angus registration page AAA19173021.